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Mair Mulroney


Mair became a well-known internet presence as a main cast member in the (a-moral) moral stories series that inexplicably became an international guilty pleasure over the past few years. You have probably seen a woe-fully cringeworthy thumbnail pop up on your YouTube feed or watched a video sent to you by a distant great-aunt on facebook. With tens of billions of combined views, no one seems to understand how or why those videos became so insanely popular, but somehow they did. After appearing in over 65 episodes, Mair left to pursue less soul-crushing creative endeavors- like creating her own YouTube parody series.

Pink Sugar
Mair Mulroney

husband takes wife for granted
by Mair Mulroney & Robbie law

Yes, this is a parody... but in all seriousness we feel that this video sums up every Dhar Mann episode pretty perfectly.


Starring: Robbie Law (Mean Husband), John Killmond (Robot Waiter), Mair Mulroney (Wife & Narrator).

barbie podcast
by Mair Mulroney

Take a Barbie deep dive and find out what it's really like having v-shaped hands.


Starring: Sarah Moliski (Malibu Barbie), Mair Mulroney (Southern Fried Chicken Barbie).

influencer gets caught laughing
by Mair Mulroney

"Everybody lies to normal people, it's what we do."


Starring: Mair Mulroney (Influencer), Mary Pat Denney (Mom).

barbie take-outs
by Mair Mulroney & Sarah Moliski

...It's probably just a blonde thing.

Starring: Sarah Soliski & Mair Mulroney

the casting couch
by Mair Mulroney

Nepotism is everything.

Starring: Mair Mulroney (Casting Director), Carlos Chavez (The Director), Sarah Moliski (Actress), Chaz Laughlin (Actor).

Hary Poter & The Deathly Trio
by Mair Mulroney

It is common knowledge that Mair Mulroney, Chas Laughlin, and Carlos Chavez were originally considered to play the roles of Hermione, Ron, and Harry in Deathly Hallows - Pt. 1 … this is their audition tape.

Starring: Mair Mulroney (Hermione), Carlos Chavez (Harry), Chaz Laughlin (Ron).

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