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// Origin: Virginia, USA
//  Genres:  Progressive Pop
//  Website:
Short Bio

Mary Alice Mulroney, known professionally as Mair Mulroney or ThatGirlMair, is a multi-award-winning American actress, musician, composer, singer-songwriter, and writer. She just played the lead role in a feature film with Eric Roberts called "Unchained" 2020 in which she also wrote and performs the theme song.

Mair stars in the lead role Musically she has lent her vocals and musical compositions to commercials, award-winning films and television showing including the Emmy Award-winning series “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. While having collaborated and created across just about every musical genre, Mair’s personal style is described as honest, playful, masterfully melodic, and emotionally powerful progressive pop. Her most recent “Stories” EP is currently available on most streaming platforms, as is her “ThatGirl did Daft” EP – an experimental Daft Punk remix project with musical counterpart Mr. Solo Musik. 

2020 will also debut a full-length musical album with Solo Musik as long-time collaborators under the pseudonym k.i.s.s. keep it simple, stupid. They also plan to re-release an updated, more compact take on their original Daft Punk remixes re-named “Daft M3” under the same pseudonym.

Mair is currently located in Los Angeles, California.

Vocals, Piano and Keyboard


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